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2018 Upcoming Events

Environmental action town hall.  County executives candidate meet and greet. 

Questions for Gubernatorial Candidates

Maryland is one of 9 states participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which has instituted a regional cap-and-trade program for CO2 emissions from power plants.  

Questions for County Council and County Executive Candidates

Do you support a zero waste plan for the County by 2025?  

If not then, by what date? How should MoCO reduce food and other solid waste processed at Dickerson?

Elections 2018 Climate Response Team: Event Action Guide

The goal is to make sure we get to ask our questions, and to ask them in a way that pushes candidates to answer substantively. We want to get folks on the record with real talk about bold climate policy.

Canidates 2018

A list of candidates running for 2018 county council.

Post Action Survey

2018 Election Campaign - Post Action Survey

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