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The MoCo Climate Scorecard

Telling the truth about our

County's commitment to climate action


Montgomery County passed an historic Climate Emergency Resolution in 2017 calling for 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions Countywide by 2027. This is a great achievement - but is the County government enacting policies that will turn these goals into a reality?

We are a part of the MoCo Coalition for 80% by '27, a coalition of local climate organizations dedicated to making sure the County follows through and enacts the policy we need to do our part to fight climate change. We plan to score the County government at regular intervals to keep residents informed about what is being done - and what more needs to happen. We represent County residents from all walks of life who want to live in a County that is a true leader on climate.

Learn more about us and about the research behind this scorecard -- and how you can get involved with our fight for true climate leadership in Montgomery County  -- right here.

Click here to see the Scorecard:

Click here for a detailed description of why we scored the County government the way we did:

Click here for the April 2019 Scorecard Press Release: 

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