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YOU can power your home with 100% renewable energy - for almost the same cost as PEPCO's dirty energy mix

Did you know you can get the electricity that powers your home from 100% renewable sources RIGHT NOW - for almost the same cost as the dirty energy mix PEPCO offers its customers? 350MoCo member and MoCo Green Party leader Nancy Wallace wanted her congregation to get its members on 100% renewables, so she created this easy-to-use FAQ and step-by-step guide to help their members make the switch.  Just download these two documents and you're on your way!
Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you show our state leaders that people want renewables for their home -- which helps them act to improve our state's renewables commitments.

Click on the icon and download this document for a comprehensive FAQ that will answer all your questions about why it's so important to switch, and how to start doing it

Click on the icon and download this document for step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) that can get you set up for 100% wind energy for your home with Constellation Energy, one of several quality providers in our area

Thanks and Congrats on joining the clean energy revolution!